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On December 21, 2009, the Texas Chapters of Quail Unlimited, Inc. dissolved their chapters in accordance with the bylaws of Quail Unlimited.  This decision was due to heavy administrative overhead and debt creating major financial issues and negatively affected the funding of QU’s stated mission in the field.


The leadership of each of the Texas chapters agreed to form the Quail Coalition following their departure from QU.  Quail Coalition is committed to a unique business model and set of beliefs.

  • 100% volunteer

  • No administrative overhead

  • Complete devotion to quail research, education and habitat improvement

  • Local Chapters control of funds and activities

  • Focus on regional issues and interests

  • Active collaboration with regional agencies and organizations

Quail Coalition is led by a volunteer board of twelve directors.  The board is committed to complete transparency of finances and governance.  Directors and officers receive no compensation or perks.

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